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Specialized Business Insurance in Baton Rouge, LA

Insurance coverage and risk management solutions for companies in various industries.

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Specialized business insurance throughout the United States.

Different businesses have different insurance needs. We’ll thoroughly assess your business and situation to develop creative, comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that fit your needs.

Each industry has its own set of unique risks and requires specialized insurance to protect what matters most. Our insurance advisors have in-depth knowledge and experience with a variety of industries, including those featured below.

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Property Manager
Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O)
Risk Factor

Property management firms have many exposures that can lead to a lawsuit. Dealing with boards of directors, owners, residents, employees, vendors, and regulatory authorities can and often does lead to lawsuits.


Errors and omissions liability insurance protects property management firms if a client alleges that you were professionally negligent or failed to perform professional duties.

Commercial Property Insurance
Risk Factor

Property management firms may face serious financial consequences from property loss by fire, wind or other causes.


A business owners policy (BOP) or package policy providing commercial property insurance will provide coverage for damage to a building you own, along with coverage for personal property and income lost due to a covered cause of loss.

General Liability
Risk Factor

Property management firms can be sued for injuries or property damage at their office and sometimes at the properties they manage.


General liability insurance is an absolute necessity for any property management firm. It provides coverage for legal fees and judgments when the firm is named in a covered lawsuit for bodily injury, property damage, associated medical costs, and more.

Crime and Fidelity Coverage
Risk Factor

As a property management firm, you have access to your clients’ money. Illegal activity such as forgery or theft can occur.


Crime and fidelity coverage is designed to provide coverage for theft of not only money and personal property owned by the firm, but money that the firm has in their custody for their clients.

Cyber Liability Insurance
Risk Factor

Property management firms have exposures including the need for protection of privacy, data and financial information for their clients. Breach of data can result in costly fees and lawsuits for the association if held liable.


Cyber liability coverage covers fees and lawsuits resulting from the breach of personal data in the event your firm is liable.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance
Risk Factor

Property managers must drive to the sites they manage regularly. Accidents can and do happen. If an employee were to get into an auto accident while working, the management firm could be named in a suit by the injured party.


If any automobiles are owned by the property management firm, a commercial auto insurance policy should be obtained. In addition, hired and non-owned auto liability should be maintained in any case to provide coverage in the event an employee gets into an accident while using their own car.

Dance Studio Insurance

Set the barre high when covering your business with dance studio insurance.

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Dealership Insurance

Keep your business running smoothly with dealership insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Dental Office Insurance

Keep your patients as your top priority and protect your practice with dental office insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Distillery Insurance

Secure your business with distillery insurance so you can continue making and selling alcohol.

Interactive Graphic
Farm Insurance

Safeguard your lifestyle and livelihood with farm insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Fire Department Insurance

Find protection with fire department insurance so you can keep helping others.

Interactive Graphic
Fitness Center Insurance

Keep up with the pace of your business by getting fitness center insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Food Truck Insurance

While food trucks are free to travel to different locations to serve food, food truck insurance helps cover your risks while on the move.

Interactive Graphic
Garage Repair Shop Insurance

Safeguard your business with garage repair shop insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Golf Course Insurance

Have peace of mind when operating your business with golf course insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Hospitality Insurance

Take care of your guests and protect what’s yours with hospitality insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Landlord and Rental Property Insurance

You’re more than just a landlord. Consider landlord and rental property insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Landscaping Services Insurance

Focus on your work worry-free with landscaping services insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Manufacturer Insurance

Whatever you manufacture, protect your business with manufacturer insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Municipality Insurance

Help secure your hometown with municipality insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Natural Disaster Insurance

Nature can wreak havoc on your business. Protect it with natural disaster insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Restaurant Insurance

You worry about the cooking. We'll handle the restaurant insurance.

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School Insurance

Safeguard your school and the students you educate with specialty school insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Technology Firm Insurance

Take your coverage beyond the ones and zeros with technology firm insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Trucking Insurance

If your business relies on commercial trucks, consider trucking insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Veterinary Office Insurance

You care for the animals. We’ll cover your business with veterinary office insurance.

Interactive Graphic
Warehousing and Logistics Insurance

When you run warehouses and logistics, you’re faced with a lot of moving parts. That's where warehousing and logistics insurance comes in.

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Pet Business Insurance

Pet business insurance for the unique needs of your operations. If your business focuses on pets, consider pet business insurance.

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Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance takes your coverage to new heights. From the hangar to the runway, cover your business with aviation insurance.

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Child Care Center Insurance

Get coverage to protect what matters most from the start with child care center insurance.

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Contractor Insurance

Construct coverage for your business needs with contractor insurance.

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Church Insurance

A church is so much more than a place of worship—it's also a community center, an employer and oftentimes, a home. We offer customized insurance options that fit all of these unique needs.

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Condo Building Insurance

Condo building insurance can be complicated. Specialty condo insurance recognizes the many different risk types and provides clarity regarding which parties are responsible for covering which risks.

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Medical Office Insurance

Just as your patients need to maintain insurance coverage, so should you. Your medical office comes with a unique set of risks and a specialty medical office insurance policy can keep you protected against a loss.

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Non-Profit Insurance

Even though your organization's goal is to help people, you are still running a business. That means your non-profit needs to protect itself against the risks that small business owners face. We'll help you design a non-profit insurance policy that covers your organization's unique needs.

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Professional Services Insurance

When your business handles services that are very personal, it's important to have the right insurance in place to protect your clients and your business. Professional services insurance is a great way to manage this.

Property Manager Insurance

If you manage residential or commercial properties, you face a diverse set of risks and potential losses. From liability issues to damage protection, we'll help you navigate the world of property manager insurance and design coverage that's a perfect fit.

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Real Estate Investor Insurance

Real estate investment is an exciting, and sometimes risky, venture. There are unique liabilities and factors to consider when insuring your property. We'll help manage those risks and keep your investment protected.

Losey offers specialized business insurance options.

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